Reconnecting with a Former Spouse

When a marriage breaks up after many years, both people might be devastated. They made a commitment, built a life together and raised a family as a couple. For some of them, their differences over the years might make the dissolution of their marriage a relief. They have long seen there is nothing left between them, so getting away from each other is the solution they have waited for as the children became adults. Some couples will see each other only on family occasions both must attend, and a small group of them will find they have a reason to reconnect after just a few years apart.

Couples who have made it through the hectic years of young children grow in many different ways, and their lifestyle might make them see life in ways they never expected. Love is what set them on their path as a couple, but it will not always sustain them over the long run. They can grow apart as they cope with life, and many of them find the things they expected of their partner are no longer true as they age. This is the basic reason many couples split when the children are grown and leave home.

Many of today’s older couples lived at home or with roommates before they were married, and plenty of them married at a young age. They saw life as a couple, but each of them ignored the fact that they were still growing as a person during those important first years of marriage. Once they have divorced and moved on, their lives are often very different than what they imagined. Meeting at a family occasion can cause them to look at each other as individuals worthy of a relationship, and they might have the opportunity to reconnect.

A couple that gets back together after an empty nest split will find they still have things in common, and their divorce might have been a good solution to help them find their own lifestyle so they can now enjoy their golden years together.