When the Nest Refills

Couples who have discovered it is time to divorce because they no longer have the children to worry about should consider taking immediate action if they want to live separate lives. Economic woes can hit at any time, and modern parents have found their children will bring home spouses and children of their own when disaster strikes. Those who looked forward to living a life away from their partner might suddenly find that taking on the burden of their children again will keep them from enjoying the new life they planned.

Few children are eager to move back home once they have left, but the lack of good employment or another crisis might leave them with no choice. For them, it is a hardship to ask their parents for a place to stay. They see it as a failure to live their life as adults, and depression could become an issue they must now overcome. The comforts of home will now be balanced by the knowledge they are a burden, so their parents will often hide their own rift to help their child.

A home that recently seemed too large might suddenly become crowded when children move back home, and it can create even more stress on the parents who longed to go their separate ways. They find they are suddenly inundated with the possessions of their children, in-laws and grandchildren. It can be unpleasant, but it will often force them to work together to maintain control of the situation.

Few people who have survived years as a couple really look forward to their children moving home, and those who are forced to stay together when it happens will be happy. Some of them might suddenly find their relationship has new life as the struggle with their living conditions, but others will discover their differences have become greater. Those who see their children move out again will likely be prepared to get divorced and downsize as soon as possible.